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Tracey Gosnay is a Yoga Therapist with over 1500 hours experience and a Rehabilitation Therapist working with motor vehicle and work-related accident clients. Tracey offers a variety of formats for evaluation and body reading. She responds with appropriate yoga and rehabilitation practices for optimal healing with specific health conditions and musculoskeletal injuries and imbalances. Tracey has been to India and completed a Holistic Yoga Therapy Program.  Tracey also specializes in Yoga 4 Cancer and has completed extensive training specializing in yoga for Cancer patients and reducing symptoms.


Samantha Cullens

I had an accident which impaired my back bending and walking abilities. I never realized how much I took such a simple task for granted. Thankfully, Tracey helped me bring my abilities almost completely back. I was able to return to work feeling more confident and I actually learnt more on proper postures thanks to her!

Samantha Cullens
Ballet Dancer

Samantha Cullens

I wanted to make a positive change for my life as I had previously struggled with cancer. The yoga lessons that Tracey had in place made me learn relaxation and it helped me change my mindset. This brought me to feel a more positive outlook on life and simply just feels great! Thank you!

Andrea Griffith
Project Development Supervisor

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Reinvigorate Mind, Body & Soul

Chair yoga

Chair yoga is a relaxing and stress relieving course that entails many poses inspired from modern yoga. These adaptive poses will either be done on a chair or with the support of a chair for maximum support. 

Yoga for arthritis (happy joints)

Your joints are important  for movement and motion. However with arthritis, even the simplest of tasks can become a challenge. This joint freeing series will help you improve mobility and stability. You will also be learning how to keep joints safe and stable during a yoga class

Suspension yoga

A very energizing yet relaxing way of exercising using gravity to relieve back pain. Suspension aligns and adjusts the spine while decompressing the vertebrae. It then creates space for the disks while straightening and balancing the spinal column. A perfect stress relief. 

Suspension sculpt

A more intensive and energizing way of exercising using gravity and weights. Weights are used to assist in strengthening and activating your muscles. This class should be considered by more advanced practitioners.

Daytime Classes x10


  • This pass is for classes starting before 4pm
  • Flexible schedule

Evening Class x5

$90 save $10

  • 10 Passes for any class held after 4PM
  • Flexible schedule

Any Classes x20


  • This pass is for classes starting after 4pm
  • Flexible schedule

Evening Class x10

$150 save $50

  • 10 Passes for any class held after 4PM
  • Flexible schedule

Monthly Unlimited

$65.99 per month

  • Unlimited attendance to all classes for one month
  • Flexible schedule

Yoga 4 Cancer

Donations accepted At the yoga studio

  • Offered twice a week at the studio and the hospital
  • Free of charge/ acception donations

*Daytime Rates: All classes before 4pm

**Evening Rates: All classes after 4pm


Why Practice Yoga?

There are plenty of reasons why you should take time in your day to do yoga. Many of which help you in your physical and mental balance!


Benefit 1

Improved respiration. You'll learn to regulate your breathing and reduce your stress levels.


Benefit 2

Calming the nervous system through movement, breathwork, and meditation.


Benefit 3

With engaging and relaxing classes, you'll be more mindful of yourself and feel more at peace. 

Yoga For People With Cancer, Survivors And Families


1-hour drop-in

Wednesdays at 6:30PM
NEO Kids Children's Treatment Centre Gymnasium
41 Ramsey Lake Road
Free Parking outside Children's Treatment Centre

Yoga is proven safe and effective in many side effects during cancer and after cancer treatment. I offer tailored classes to address the specific needs of those dealing with a cancer diagnosis as well as those in a survivorship phase. I am highly trained and I am aware of the barriers that can come with cancer. Classes are a safe place to help with fears and worries, manage pain, and help keep the immune system strong by keeping the body moving.

yoga (1)
What to expect

Cancer and its treatments can be hard on a person's body and emotions. Side effects some people might have are loss of strength, increased worry, trouble sleeping and more. Yoga has been shown to be a helpful and safe way to to deal many of those side-effects and other treatments that come with a cancer diagnosis. 

Classes are a safe place to help with fears and worries, manage pain and help keep the immune system strong by keeping the body moving.  They will help you gain personal improvement and well-being. 

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes such as a t-shirt, yoga or jogging pants. Please bring a water bottle. Yoga mats are provided! 

Weekly Schedule


Yoga for Arthritis

10:00 AM

Beginners Suspension

06:15 PM


Lunch Yoga

12:15 PM

Sculpt Suspension

04:44 PM

Advanced Suspension

06:30 PM



11:00 AM

Hospital Yoga4Cancer

06:30 PM


Chair Yoga

10:00 AM

Studio Yoga4Cancer

05:00 PM

Hatha Beginners

06:00 PM


Studio Yoga4Cancer

10:00 AM

Lunch Suspension

12:15 PM


Sculpt Suspension

10:00 AM

Beginners Suspension

11:15 AM



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